Jazz Project

Zatin performs jazz classics in the style of Stephan Grappelli and Jean-Luc Ponty and continues to breathe life to the standard jazz repertoire of the 1950s and 60s. He is also actively involved in performing and recording music that falls the world of modern and experimental jazz. Mikhail Zatin has felt the strong pull of jazz influencing him since the age of 17. From that moment he started to successfully combine the jazz idiom with his classical education, first studying improvisation at secondary school, and continuing his development of jazz performance at the conservatory.Mikhail studied at Universität fur music und Darstenstellen Künst in Graz, taking advantage of one of the strongest jazz departments in a western Europe.

Mikhail started to play jazz with Ethno-meditative jazz project “RuShoBo”, which was founded in St. Petersburg in March 2004. Known for its unusual experimental vocal style, singer Paulina Runovskaya and soloists of the Mariinsky Theatre Orchestra Vladimir Shostak (bass) and Vadim Bondarenko (clarinet, piano) found their very own style of music-making – is a free indie jazz improvisation based on ethnic, ritual and meditative forms. Mikhail then joined RuShoBo, which regularly performs at the most prestigious Jazz Club in St.-Petersburg, JFC. They have recorded 4 albums in 6 years, the most recent of which features the added flavour of Zatin’s violin playing.

Recently, Mikhail Zatin has worked on collaborations with the duos JPMB and Duo Zambell/Baker which were both put together in Valencia, Spain featuring top class musicians  – the versatile and virtuosic american double bassist Matt Baker from the opera orchestra of Valencia and award-winning British pianist and composer John Pickup along with the wonderful Italian guitarist Fabio Zambelli. With these duos Mikhail works to bring to the stage a combination of the technique of the classical world with the freedom of expression of the jazz scene. His 2015 tour of Finland with JPMB was a great success and he now looks forward to recording with these duos.